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Our Sponsors

The "Why" behind our Jerseys.

Wearing BLR means more than sporting a brand, for this logo is stitched deeper than any label. Three words, Believe, Love, and Respect, encircled with a circular symbol of both simplicity and permanence, denotes that BLR is a philosophy. To be a BLR is a way of life, one that focuses on self-improvement, as well as extending the opportunity for improvement to others. To be a BLR, means to want to be better. By putting on your jersey, we're inviting you to Believe in yourself. To Love the game. To Respect your opponent.

By joining the circle, you are taking part of something

greater than yourself.

Welcome to BLR, welcome to our Cali Beach family.


Thank you to our many sponsors.
we couldn't do this without
your support!

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